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Breeza Scapes Mactan a new subdivision soon to rise in Lapu-Lapu City. The first 25 buyers of Breeza Scapes is discounted of 5% of the total price. A low – density community with wide open spaces, Breeza merges exclusivity and comfort. Breeza Scapes can be more than your dream come true. It’s island living above and beyond.


Exceed Your Dream Home Expectations

A modern-inspired design of houses where exclusivity and comfort are merged. Sprawling in a 1.05-hectare property in the island of Mactan is a low-density community with wide open-spaces.

Exceed your dream home expectations – island living above and beyond.

Breeza Scapes will also have what Priland calls the Priland Advantage, provisions for utilities and fixtures that aren’t always immediately available in other developers’ projects.

The following come standard in every Priland project, including Breeza Scapes and Breeza Coves: Provisions for Air-conditioner, Telephone Line, Cable Line, LPG, and Range Hood.

Such elements coming together in a prime location make Breeza Scapes convenient, connected community—sure to be a sound investment that Priland always strives to deliver.

House Types Breeza Scapes

Andrew | Single Attached | Duplex

Total Floor Area:133.83 sq. m.
Total Lot Area:101.25 sq. m.

Studio Units

Living Area:11.15 sq. m.
Dining Area:9.55 sq. m.
Kitchen:6.20 sq. m.
Guest Room:7.04 sq. m.
Toilet:3.31 sq. m.
Stairs:3.30 sq. m.
SUBTOTAL:40.55 sq. m.

Outdoor Area

2-car Carport:34.00 sq. m.
Service Area:5.60 sq. m.
SUBTOTAL:39.60 sq. m.

Second Floor

Master Bedroom:14.98 sq. m.
Ensuite Bathroom:3.12 sq. m.
Bedroom 1:8.97 sq. m.
Bedroom 2:8.09 sq. m.
Common Bathroom:4.83 sq. m.
Balcony:3.53 sq. m.
Hallway:5.57 sq. m.
Stairs:4.41 sq. m.
SUBTOTAL:53.68 sq. m.

Nelson | Single Attached | Duplex

Total Floor Area:157.72 sq. m.
Total Lot Area:136 sq. m.

Ground Floor

Living Area:15.53 sq. m.
Dining Area:10.00 sq. m.
Kitchen:14.07 sq. m.
Guest Room:7.04 sq. m.
Toilet:2.31 sq. m.
Stairs:3.14 sq. m.
SUBTOTAL:52.09 sq. m.

Outdoor Area

2-car Carport:34.80 sq. m.
Service Area:8.50 sq. m.
SUBTOTAL43.30 sq. m.

Second Floor

Master Bedroom:14.72 sq. m.
Ensuite Bathroom:4.48 sq. m.
Bedroom 1:9.79 sq. m.
Bedroom 2:9.79 sq. m.
Common Bathroom:4.83 sq. m.
Lounge Area:4.93 sq. m.
Balcony:2.64 sq. m.
Hallway:6.74 sq. m.
Stairs:4.41 sq. m.
SUBTOTAL62.33 sq. m.

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Where others cut corners, Priland delivers. Fixtures that support ease of connectivity and convenience come standard in every project.
All provision that are shown on this screen come easily available in each unit which means we have provisions for aircon, telephone, cable, LPG and rangehood.


Let us guide you home.

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