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What Keeps You Motivated? (Real Estate Agent in Cebu)

What Keeps You Motivated? (Real Estate Agent in Cebu)

So I’m here in our swing in our subdivision. I usually walk an hour everyday just to keep the blood flowing and wake up the body.

Good morning everyone this is Marc of Myhouse.ph and Filipinohomes.

In this blog I’m going to talk to you about motivation.

I’m a real estate agent and we sell properties.

There are 3 things involve why you do your job, why you do things.

  1. What do you do?
  2. How do you do it?
  3. Why do you do it?

There are times in the morning when it’s hard to get up in bed.

1. What do I do?

  • Me and Angie are real estate agents.
  • We help people buy their dream house, it’s a nice job.
  • We help them sell their house.
  • We help people who needs us because in a way we become experts in the industry.
  • We can help people market their house give them advice which is the best units.

That’s what we do.

In a normal average human that’s not the core of what you do, That’s what you do but that’s not why you do your job.

2. How you do it?

  • We help people out.
  • We market their houses.
  • We looks for properties for them.
  • We give them advice.
  • We give them warnings about which not to buy here or buy this one not this unit choose this one because of our experience in the industry.

That’s how we do it. That’s how we sell a lot of properties that’s how we market our clients properties.

That’s not exactly the motivation you need to get up in the morning. The real essence of WHAT and HOW you do it is WHY you do it.

The real reason that will make you get up in bed and do you work and do it passionately is WHY you do it.

3. So why?

  • Why did we become real estate agents?
  • Why do we work so hard?
  • Why do we get up so early in the morning?
  • Why do we answer our clients even late at night?
  • Why do we go travel 4 hours a day to help out 1 client and then go back home and then work again?
  • Why do we do it?

Because we think about our dreams all the time.

  • We want to travel.
  • We want to start a family.
  • We want our kid to have everything he/she wants.
  • We want him/her to have the BEST experience BEST childhood and adulthood that he/she can have.

Keep on remembering why you do what you do everyday.

We have an upcoming baby. We want to provide our kid he/she with the best future possible so that’s why we work so hard we help our clients.

It’s all about family it’s all about giving love

So if you’re tired going getting up in bed to work. THINK about why do you do it. Don’t think about the work, the bosses, the clients (we love our clients). Just think about why you do it, who are you doing it for, why you are doing it and that will keep you motivated to do your job well.

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