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Should I get a real estate agent?

Should I get a real estate agent?

A few years ago when we were looking for our house, we did not want to get a real estate agent.

We thought that the price is higher if you buy the house from the real estate agent compared to going straight to the developer.

And it’s not true.

The agent cannot jack up the developers price. Whether you go straight to the developer or hire and agent, the price is gonna be the same but you lose the advantages of getting the services of an agent.

Here’s why.

When we were looking for a house here in Lapu-Lapu, we spent like 2 weeks going around Cebu and Mactan even in Liloan. We were looking for the right house that fit us.

We were checking online and it’s very cluttered, can’t find anybody to contact and if you contacted anyone it’s an agent. As I told you before, we were scared to get an agent, so we look for the address physically and it was a very time consuming process.

When we went there, nobody would entertain us, sometimes there’s just the guard and you just look at the house. It was a very time consuming process. If we had an agent, the agent would ask:

What’s you target budget?
What’s your target location?
What are the things that you need in your house?
How many people are staying?

So the agent who has all the real estate knowledge here in Cebu, they would know which property would match your needs. That’s the main thing about getting an agent, that’s the number 1 thing.

Narrow Down Your Property Buying Checklist

Because we’re all busy to scour Cebu and look for the property, your agent can narrow down just two or three that would match your requirements, your budget and location.

You can communicate with that online through Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber so you can do that. You can get the prices, you can get the location, you can get all the details. How long will it be turnover? What are the payment terms and requirements?

You will get that without leaving your house, that super super easy.

What’s the main benefit is that because we’re all busy, you get to save all the time rather than scouring it up, going to the office or the site yourself.

If you don’t have a car or transportation, if your agent has his own car, he will take you from your house or meet you somewhere convenient and take you to the property. If your looking at a few properties he will take you to the properties that you want.

Free Tour Guide

He’s like a FREE Tour Guide, he will take you to the property that you want and he knows everything about that project so he will tell you the price, all the details, amenities, turnover date, he knows where it is. He knows the staff their cause he’s been going there for the longest time. And it’s Free you don’t need to pay your agent.

Another advantage of an agent, for example if you are an agent who doesn’t have a vehicle, he or she will call the developer. The developer has a service unit like a van or a car that could pick you up, he will do that for you.

Not all developers do that but your agent will know. If you are by yourself, you have to hire a taxi ride, tricycle or a jeepney. You waste a lot of time and money.

You also have the sales support of an agent or your property endorser. Your agent knows all the requirements from the developer and will give to you and will follow you up.

It’s actually for your benefit that you have a good agent. For example, if you don’t have a TIN number, you will get an agent who will get the TIN number for you, either he will go to BIR himself or he will hire a bookkeeper for you so that you don’t need to go the developer.

If you get a top notch agent, you get almost like a butler quality, just similar to batman’s butler that he will take care of everything that you need for your property. He knows your schedule, he will pick things up for you with reason just like what I’m doing now. For the clients convenience I will do it for him for Free, no charge, no commitments.

If you get an agent you get that top notch service that your NOT getting if you buy the property yourself. You go to the developer and you buy and then you get the list of the requirements but you missing out on a lot of service from the agent.

If you have a good agent it’s really good to have one. It’s a very big advantage.

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