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Our Service Goes Beyond Client Expectations

Our Service Goes Beyond Client Expectations

Our service goes beyond client expectations. Supervising the final touches for our clients fence construction and water pump installation here in Pacific Grand Villas.

Right behind me is the house that I sold, just this month here in Pacific Grand Villas as extra service to my clients who are working overseas.

I have been supervising the construction of their fence. Right now, I’m here to get a quotation for their water pump because they want the pressure of the water to be extra strong especially in the higher floors.

Extra Service

I’m here as a extra service for in this very beautiful 4 Bedroom House, 200 sqm. It’s one of the most beautiful houses that I’ve sold. It was designed by Architect Alcoba, one of the designers of Terminal 2 of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

If you have a house for sale or if your looking for a house, condo or property, anything real estate related, you need rental management. Just call me at 0995 461 5272. If you want fast turnaround, good marketing, as long as the property is good and the price is reasonable, it will sell.

Whether your looking to purchase your 1st home, your 2nd home or selling your property, call me at 0995 461 5272 email me at [email protected] or visit our website at for a personal tour.