Monterrazas Prime is a development located in Cebu City, Philippines, that offers a unique blend of city living and nature. Nestled in the lush mountains, Monterrazas Prime is just a short drive from Cebu’s urban center, allowing residents to enjoy the best of both worlds.

One of the highlights of Monterrazas Prime is the stunning scenery that can be enjoyed from the development. The views of the city, as well as the surrounding nature, are breathtaking. From the greenery of the mountains to the calming waters and clear blue skies, Monterrazas Prime provides a symphony of natural beauty. And at night, the lively city lights add to the charm of the development.


Monterrazas Prime is a unique development located in the mountains of Cebu City, Philippines, offering the best of both city living and nature. Nestled in the lush mountains and just a 15-minute drive from the city center, Monterrazas Prime is quietly tucked away with the tranquil Cebu Strait within sight. The development boasts breathtaking views of Cebu and nearby islands Mactan and Bohol, as well as flourishing greenery, calming waters, clear blue skies, and lively city lights.

Located at a thousand feet above sea level, Monterrazas Prime offers a rare type of luxury that is hard to find in other places – a prized location with breathtaking sights and a vibrant community. Discover a place you can call home in the very heart of Cebu at Monterrazas Prime.

6 minFooda Saversmart Guadalupe
8 minOne Pavillion Mall
9 minGaisano Capital Supermarket
10 minMetro Supermarket – Banawa
10 minBase Line Center
10 minChong Hua Hospital – Cebu City
10 minCebu Doctors’ Hospital
12 minAyala Center Cebu
12 minRobinsons Supermarket
12 minSt. Theresa’s College
12 minUniversity of San Carlos
14 minMetro Ayala Cebu – Supermarket


The View’s Great From the Peak – Site Development Plan

Monterrazas Prime offers a luxurious living experience that is unmatched in Cebu City. Our two units, Soprano and Alto, vary in size but are identical in design, featuring quality craftsmanship and sweeping views that illuminate the refined and relaxed interiors. Each unit at Monterrazas Prime is built with distinctive character and intention, making them uniquely Monterrazas Prime.

No matter the size of the unit, all of our properties offer a panoramic view of Cebu’s unique topography of coast and mountain. Choose Monterrazas Prime for an unparalleled living experience in Cebu City.


408 – 440 sqm lot size
1 unit left


350 – 371 sqm lot size
11 units


Monterrazas Prime is a development that seamlessly combines nature and city living, offering the sleek comfort of luxurious living while also blurring the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors.

Every detail at Monterrazas Prime has been carefully considered to create the ideal living space, with amenities and features that are as thoughtful as the homes themselves. From swimming in the pool to relaxing in the living room or taking in the panoramic views from the outdoor lounge, Monterrazas Prime allows you to fully embrace and enjoy all that life has to offer. Choose Monterrazas Prime for an unparalleled living experience in Cebu City.


At Monterrazas Prime, we believe in building homes that are designed with people in mind. Our master blueprint is centered on human living, where the needs of our residents come first. From the floors you walk on to the views you wake up to, every detail in our homes has been intentionally designed with careful attention to detail.

From the elements that are visible to those that are not, each element is designed to create a luxurious and limitless living experience. At Monterrazas Prime, you can live the kind of life you deserve – one that is luxurious, laureled, and limitless. Choose Monterrazas Prime for a living experience that puts you and your needs first.

Gallery Monterrazas Prime

Monterrazas Prime offers a luxurious living experience that seamlessly combines the indoors and outdoors. On the ground floor, quality Kenneth & Mock sliding doors open into the spacious outdoor lounge and pool area, set against the stunning backdrop of Cebu’s lush mountains and dazzling city skyline.

You can indulge in the soothing outdoor breeze or take a refreshing dip in your private pool, and keeping the sliding doors open creates one big, open space that allows the entire family to spend quality time together. Each bedroom at Monterrazas Prime has an exquisite panoramic view of the city and sea, allowing you to see all that’s within reach from the comfort and privacy of your own space.

The master bedroom comes with a spacious walk-in closet and bathroom, with elegant finishes and a floor area that befits a luxury home. The flexible Soprano unit can even accommodate an extra room on the ground floor, making it ideal for larger families or family members with special accessibility needs.

The lower ground floor is a ready-built, multi-purpose space that can easily adapt to your lifestyle, whether it’s a gym, home theater, or extra bedrooms. At Monterrazas Prime, a true luxury home is where anything goes.

Designed for Boundless Living

At Monterrazas Prime, we believe that home is a place that truly belongs to you – a place where you can delight in living to the fullest and bask in the luxury of having the best that life has to offer.

Our design philosophy is centered on living without limits, setting a new standard in easy, sophisticated living through well-designed spaces. Step inside Monterrazas Prime to discover a boundless life with no limits and no compromises.

Nestled in the lush mountains of Cebu City, Monterrazas Prime offers breathtaking views of the city and surrounding nature, creating a symphony of flourishing greenery, calming waters, clear blue skies, and lively city lights.

If you’re ready to live the life elevated, with no limits, then Monterrazas Prime is the perfect choice for you.

Click on the YouTube link below to watch the actual views of the units and experience the luxury of Monterrazas Prime for yourself.

👉 https://youtu.be/OzV7JlXx5H0

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