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J Tower Residences CEO and Chairman Justin Uy

J Tower Residences CEO and Chairman Justin Uy

Let us hear and let us welcome none other than chairman and CEO of JIPROP Development Corporation, the man behind this wonderful development ladies and gentlemen a big round of applause please for Mr. Justin Uy.

Ladies and gentlemen maayong hapon kaninyong tanan, let me commend the presence of our honourable and beloved mayor of the City of Mandaue, Mayor Luigi Quisumbing esteemed colleagues in their real estate industry, friends and family members and all of you who have come to celebrate the momentous occasion with us.

Today marks the formal start of our collaboration with the City of Mandaue. Together we will strive to make progress, develop our city, set strong infrastructure and henceforth take the lead as one of our country’s primary models of progress and henceforth become one of the top drivers of innovation in our country’s real estate development.

Heading into 2018 the EverJust Realty Development Corporation have established the JIPROP Development Corporation it’s a real estate development arm which will serve our community by developing J Tower Residences, the newest integrated residential condominium EverJust have developed malls, hotels, and now signals the development of housing.

Recently we have seen a lot of condominium residences that are being constructed in the Philippines and within Cebu City but we chose to be the heart of Mandaue the soul of Cebu.

This is the place where we have selected to unveil Mandaue’s Marvel, this is an iconic landmark in vertical development with exceptional in standards in an affordable, leisure, living, shopping in an exciting community were proximity is a privilege.

Time is now the most valuable commodity in our life and it is more important than ever so choosing your next home should have all the convenience and features that are necessary to maintain a lifestyle if we think today’s modern day base.

The J Tower Residences is all about requiring less time to commute by being in close proximity and being connected with all the amenities that the mall can offer such as groceries, restaurants, shoppings, Gold’s Gym, Sky Water Park on the sixth floor and all the essential government services. Now you can even have your license renewed here so you don’t have to go far away 15 minutes to the airport, 15 minutes to Cebu City shopping areas, 15 minutes to all the universities, we are right at the center of Cebu.

Now even with the increase demand of modern day life residents of J Tower and now have the key foundation with which to spend less time on the road and more time with their families, gone are the days where we measure success only by the size of our homes instead our new millennial generation aims to choose not only a place we call home but also what we believe will be our best investment. It is common knowledge that condominiums are spreading up everywhere but few will match J Tower Residences potentially in terms of continued asset value growth.

J Tower Residences will not be just another condominium but an iconic landmark where all units will have their own unique unobstructed view to the landscape around it. The first in Mandaue where we truly believe where friends will grow, families will bond, communities will flourish, and living will continue to be a lifestyle.

J Tower Residences will soon be available and you will be the first to know groundbreaking will then commence, we thank you for your time and hope that we can foster a good working relationship where our community comes first so that we can build a strong goal for professional growth and progress in property development that is a good benchmark in affordability to everyone.

Thank you very much and Merry Christmas

If you’re interested just call me at 0995 461 5272 for more details about J Towers.