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Brentwood Mactan Condo: 2BR B Deliverable Unit [August 2018 Update]

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I’m at the deliverable unit for 2 Bedroom B. I’ll give you a tour

Im standing here at the far corner. The door is right behind me and we have the living area the dining area.

So this is 59 sqm this is the biggest unit that we have and it has 2 bedroom they are adjacent to each other.

The kitchen is here depending on your unit when you walk through the door. It will be either in the left side or the right side. right now its on the right side.

These are the actual devilerable cabinets. These are quality very good and high quality cabinets with stainless steel handles.

The sink is over there and a bottom counter is also included. There’s a space their for your washing machine. Here’s the socket for washing macine and the water supply and also for the outlet. Theres an outlet here for your gas range.

Here you have an open space here. This doesn’t actually count as the balcony but you have accesss here to the open space which you can access your clothes and free storage space.

Right now the amenities are not yet used. Nobodys theres yet The pool is over there and theres a basketball court and theres the clubhouse.

Lets move on to the bedrooms. 2 bedrooms, lets go to one of them

Here and as we can see there is a balcony where you can have a look at your neoghboors and there a water tank there. These are the other buildings that under construction.

Here you have 2 balconies, 1 for each bedroom, how about that.

Lets go inside, lets go to the other bedroom. This is actually the masters bedroom

You have access to the bathroom, we have separate bathrooms, bathroom fixtures are included.

And theres a sink here right in the middle for those who just want to wash their hands and theres a toilet over here.

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