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J Tower Residences – Investing in Mandaue City by Mayor Lugi Quisumbing

Investing in Mandaue City by Mayor Lugi Quisumbing

We are very much privileged as well because in any development in a certain city or municipality it wouldn’t be as successful as it is without the support of our officials. We’re very much privileged today because our very own mayor of Mandaue City is here with us to celebrate this special occasion, so ladies and gentlemen another big round of applause please to our wonderful Mayor here in Mandaue City Mayor Luigi Quisumbing.

Good afternoon everybody especially to Mr. Justin Uy and the team behind JIPROP and J Tower, kanadtong tanan maayong hapon.

It’s a good time to live in the city of Mandaue.

Over the last year we have registered the largest drop of crime in the region, we have allocated over the last two years the largest budget ever for infrastructure for the city of Mandaue which means that we will see drastic changes in the condition of the roads, widening of the roads, and we are currently working together with the national government to explore mass transit options.

The reason for all of that is because Mandaue City lies in the heart of the province of Cebu you can’t get anywhere North, South, East or West without passing through Mandaue City.

Now in the past that has both been a blessing and a curse, a blessing because it has brought so much industry, it has brought so much economic opportunity to the people that live here. A curse because as you know it also causes our traffic to be quite bad because of the traffic congestion but even with the challenges that the city has faced over the last few years, over the last few decades. The city has grown has thrived like a rose in concrete and it’s because of the industry and vision of people like Mr. Justin Uy.

For many years, the products of his industry have already been iconic, the dried mangoes that people know and love so well have become a symbol of Cebu itself. Many people don’t know that the most popular brand of all is from Mandaue City a product of Mr. Justin Uy and now with unveiling of J Tower we go from one iconic product to another.

The J Tower which is going to be the tallest tower in the city of Mandaue is truly going to be an iconic landmark that all of us will be able to see for miles around because quite frankly there is no building in the City of Mandaue that will approach the height and the grandeur of J Tower Residences. We’re sure that in the years to come we will use J Tower Residences as reference point, we will use J Tower pointed out as a uniquely Mandauehanon landmark and with the facilities of J Tower Residences and of J Centre Mall and the Sky Water Park.

I’m sure many families many friends are going to be with the congregate and have a wonderful time.

Believe me I have a six-year-old daughter and I can barely get her out of Sky Water Park whenever we come to visit from time to time. So I’m sure the families that are going to live here are going to be able to have a lot of fun and grow together as a family which is really the most important, the most important gift of all, so again the JIPROP, Mr. Uy to the entire team that went into the design and will go into the execution of this beautiful building. Thank you very much for your continued trust in the city of Mandaue.

Thank you for the economic and employment opportunities that this property will bring to the people of Mandaue and we look forward to many many more developments in our city in the years to come. Congratulations.

If you’re interested just call me at 0995 461 5272 for more details about J Towers.

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J Tower Residences: The Future of Mandaue Real Estate

J Tower Residences: The Future of Mandaue Real Estate

Good times are up ahead over the years the country has experienced remarkable growth economically and expect to wrap the year with the 6% growth in our gross domestic product which is not only the highest in Asia but also in the world after China.

We expect to sustain this momentum to be led and spurred by the government’s Build, Build, Build program plus the confidence of investors to make good and long-term gains on the various enterprises they will impart in adventure.

The real estate front from where we come from, that same confidence is also seen by the amount of consumption the property sector has enjoyed over the last decades and is predicted to also increase by 8 – 10% next year.

The market has also widened from both local and overseas clients after seeing safer and solid returns on their property investments. Worth noting is that millennials are starting to invest in vertical developments and are making significant contribution to the growth of the property sector.

We are excited not only about the market but also with the projects that are forthcoming here in Mandaue and we from the real estate service sector deeply appreciate the effort of making us a part of the design, concept and planning of this project which took us actually over a year to research, sleepless nights and extensive pencil-pushing just to offer not only an iconic tower but a landmark itself.

Soon we will not only have a tower that future owners can be proud of but a skyscraper that Mandauehanons can truly be proud of as well. This will be the tallest in the city and the best in terms of features and amenities for a price that is easy on the pocket. In fact, as I am speaking right now we are happy to announce that we already have more than 200 waiting and eager clients wanting to reserve their units already.

We expect a search in reservations today and in the coming days and we invite you to reserve the soonest before we run out of inventories and with that thought and in behalf of the real estate service professionals who will become our future partners of J Tower Residences we would like to thank you all for your gracious presence and may we all enjoy the rest of the afternoon, Merry Christmas and an exciting New Year up ahead.

Thank you very much Mr. Chris Malazarte it’s going to be undoubtedly an exciting 2018 for everybody as what he pointed out this project, this development is going to be the highest the city has ever been and I’m pretty sure everybody wants to know more about it.

Let us hear and let us welcome none other than chairman and CEO of JIPROP Development Corporation, the man behind this wonderful development ladies and gentlemen a big round of applause please for Mr. Justin Uy.

Ladies and gentlemen maayong hapon kaninyong tanan, let me commend the presence of our honourable and beloved mayor of the City of Mandaue, Mayor Luigi Quisumbing esteemed colleagues in their real estate industry, friends and family members and all of you who have come to celebrate the momentous occasion with us.

Today marks the formal start of our collaboration with the City of Mandaue. Together we will strive to make progress, develop our city, set strong infrastructure and henceforth take the lead as one of our country’s primary models of progress and henceforth become one of the top drivers of innovation in our country’s real estate development.

Heading into 2018 the EverJust Realty Development Corporation have established the JIPROP Development Corporation it’s a real estate development arm which will serve our community by developing J Tower Residences, the newest integrated residential condominium EverJust have developed malls, hotels, and now signals the development of housing.

Recently we have seen a lot of condominium residences that are being constructed in the Philippines and within Cebu City but we chose to be the heart of Mandaue the soul of Cebu.

This is the place where we have selected to unveil Mandaue’s Marvel, this is an iconic landmark in vertical development with exceptional in standards in an affordable, leisure, living, shopping in an exciting community were proximity is a privilege.

Time is now the most valuable commodity in our life and it is more important than ever so choosing your next home should have all the convenience and features that are necessary to maintain a lifestyle if we think today’s modern day base.

The J Tower Residences is all about requiring less time to commute by being in close proximity and being connected with all the amenities that the mall can offer such as groceries, restaurants, shoppings, Gold’s Gym, Sky Water Park on the sixth floor and all the essential government services. Now you can even have your license renewed here so you don’t have to go far away 15 minutes to the airport, 15 minutes to Cebu City shopping areas, 15 minutes to all the universities, we are right at the center of Cebu.

Now even with the increase demand of modern day life residents of J Tower and now have the key foundation with which to spend less time on the road and more time with their families, gone are the days where we measure success only by the size of our homes instead our new millennial generation aims to choose not only a place we call home but also what we believe will be our best investment. It is common knowledge that condominiums are spreading up everywhere but few will match J Tower Residences potentially in terms of continued asset value growth.

J Tower Residences will not be just another condominium but an iconic landmark where all units will have their own unique unobstructed view to the landscape around it. The first in Mandaue where we truly believe where friends will grow, families will bond, communities will flourish, and living will continue to be a lifestyle.

J Tower Residences will soon be available and you will be the first to know groundbreaking will then commence, we thank you for your time and hope that we can foster a good working relationship where our community comes first so that we can build a strong goal for professional growth and progress in property development that is a good benchmark in affordability to everyone.

Thank you very much and Merry Christmas

Thank you very much once again ladies and gentlemen Mr. Justin Uy, I know everybody is excited and this is now the time, it’s now time to unveil the newest development at the heart of Mandaue the soul of Cebu – J Tower Residences.

If you’re interested just call me at 0995 461 5272 for more details about J Towers.

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Unveiling of J Tower Residences

Unveiling of J Tower Residences

Good Morning Cebu this is Marc of Myhouse.ph and Filipinohomes.

We are here in the ground floor of J Tower Residences for the unveiling of J Tower Residences. No. We are here at the ground floor at J Centre Cebu.

I just got confused because they are almost one. Because here in J Tower Residences you can access J Tower Centre for FREE.

J Tower Residences will have a bridge connecting from J Centre to J Tower. Today will be the unveiling. Today we’ll get a lot of details for J Tower Residences.

J Tower Residences is still a very Top secret project but I have already been informing our investor clients to invest in this property.

How many condos has access to a very BIG mall and you only have to go down to eat , drink, all the activities here in the mall.

It is rumoured that you’ll also get a FREE access to Gold’s Gym. I can confirm that later on.

On Thursday, J Tower will have their LOI’s released. If you are really interested in getting these units. The times is now.

A lot of people from Mandaue are very excited to invest in this project. It’s a very good project here in Mandaue. It’s here in AS Fortuna just behind J Centre Mall.

Invest here because it’s gonna run out. It’s rumoured that there are 30 investors from Davao. Japanese clients have already invested in 3 floors already. Units will be running out very fast, very soon.

I’m expecting it to be like a week or 2 weeks maximum before the units sellout. If you are from Mandaue and if you are in a good investor . and you want a property that’s good and convenient for rentals or you want a property to live in that’s very convenient

Outside here have lots of transportation and things to do outside. Here in J Tower your near Mactan, Cebu and Talamban. Everything else is near.

If you’re interested just call me at 0995 461 5272 for more details about J Towers.

So call me and see you soon. Today’s the unveiling. Byee.

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What Keeps You Motivated? (Real Estate Agent in Cebu)

What Keeps You Motivated? (Real Estate Agent in Cebu)

So I’m here in our swing in our subdivision. I usually walk an hour everyday just to keep the blood flowing and wake up the body.

Good morning everyone this is Marc of Myhouse.ph and Filipinohomes.

In this blog I’m going to talk to you about motivation.

I’m a real estate agent and we sell properties.

There are 3 things involve why you do your job, why you do things.

  1. What do you do?
  2. How do you do it?
  3. Why do you do it?

There are times in the morning when it’s hard to get up in bed.

1. What do I do?

  • Me and Angie are real estate agents.
  • We help people buy their dream house, it’s a nice job.
  • We help them sell their house.
  • We help people who needs us because in a way we become experts in the industry.
  • We can help people market their house give them advice which is the best units.

That’s what we do.

In a normal average human that’s not the core of what you do, That’s what you do but that’s not why you do your job.

2. How you do it?

  • We help people out.
  • We market their houses.
  • We looks for properties for them.
  • We give them advice.
  • We give them warnings about which not to buy here or buy this one not this unit choose this one because of our experience in the industry.

That’s how we do it. That’s how we sell a lot of properties that’s how we market our clients properties.

That’s not exactly the motivation you need to get up in the morning. The real essence of WHAT and HOW you do it is WHY you do it.

The real reason that will make you get up in bed and do you work and do it passionately is WHY you do it.

3. So why?

  • Why did we become real estate agents?
  • Why do we work so hard?
  • Why do we get up so early in the morning?
  • Why do we answer our clients even late at night?
  • Why do we go travel 4 hours a day to help out 1 client and then go back home and then work again?
  • Why do we do it?

Because we think about our dreams all the time.

  • We want to travel.
  • We want to start a family.
  • We want our kid to have everything he/she wants.
  • We want him/her to have the BEST experience BEST childhood and adulthood that he/she can have.

Keep on remembering why you do what you do everyday.

We have an upcoming baby. We want to provide our kid he/she with the best future possible so that’s why we work so hard we help our clients.

It’s all about family it’s all about giving love

So if you’re tired going getting up in bed to work. THINK about why do you do it. Don’t think about the work, the bosses, the clients (we love our clients). Just think about why you do it, who are you doing it for, why you are doing it and that will keep you motivated to do your job well.

Wether your looking to purchase your 1st home your 2nd home or selling your property. Call me at 09954615272 email me at [email protected] for a personal tour.