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What Types of Houses Can You Buy in the Philippines? (Right Now)

What Types of Houses Can You Buy in the Philippines? (Right Now!)

What types of houses can you buy in the Philippines?” Townhouse? Single Detached? Duplex? Condo?! Are you confused about the types of houses for sale? Learn a little bit more about real estate by reading this blog. Enjoy!

What’s up everyone.

In this episode we’re going to talk about the type of house that you can buy in the Philippines and in Cebu.

This is Marc of Myhouse.ph where we go BEYOND real estate and this program is also brought to you by Filipinohomes the Philippines LARGEST real estate portal.

How are you guys? How was last week’s holiday?

I hope you enjoyed your holiday.

One of my friends is a very responsible guy he’s getting married next year and he want’s to buy a house for him and his future wife so that they can settle down after they get married.

He was asking me ‘What kind of house you can buy with this particular budget?’ so I said; That would be a great idea for a video.

One type of real estate property we can own here in Cebu is a Condominium – A condominium is a unit space inside of a building it could either be a Studio, 1, 2, 3 Bedroom condo.

One of the MOST important features of a condo is it’s usually located in a VERY convenient location. Each unit owner has his OWN condominium title.

Another type of property you can buy is a Townhouse – A townhouse is a ROW of houses built with a common wall. This is usually an AFFORDABLE option for starting family.

Another property you can buy is a Duplex – A duplex is a single building with houses SIDE BY SIDE one another.
Similar to Duplex we also have Triplex building which are 3 building side by side one another. These are usually MORE expensive and a little bit bigger than townhouses.

Another property you can buy is a Single Attached house – A single attached house is a house where part of the house is STICKING or ATTACHED to one of the properties borders.

Last but not the least is a Single Detached house – A single detached house is a house that’s NOT CONNECTED to any of your properties borders there’s open space in the front, side and back.

So now that you know what kind of house you can buy.

Which ones do you think is for you? A Condo? Townhouse? Single Attached? Single Detached? or Duplex?

And as always may the force be with you.

Wether your looking to purchase your 1st home your 2nd home or selling your property. Call me at 09954615272 email me at [email protected] for a personal tour.

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What’s the Difference Between an RFO and Preselling House?

What’s the Difference Between an RFO and Preselling House?

I’m very excited to announce to you that we have a new video series segment called #askmyhouseph where we answer all of your real estate questions in Cebu and the Philippines.

First question that we have with one of our clients.

She said;

What’s the difference between RFO and Pre-selling house?

RFO house means ‘Ready For Occupancy’ which means the house or your condominium is already constructed and ready for you to move in.

Advantages & Disadvantages for RFO units


  • You can view your unit since it’s already constructed.
  • You know where it is.
  • You can move in right away, you can move in from 2 weeks – 3 months.
  • You can start to have your unit rented. If you’re purchasing your unit for investment purposes you can have rental income right away instead of waiting for 2-4 years for pre-selling units.


  • It’s more expensive than pre-selling. RFO units tend to be 20-30% more than pre-selling houses
  • Less flexible payment terms – You have to pay the 20% equity within 1-12 months only.

For a 2 million peso townhouse you have to pay 20% as equity or downpayment and then the 80% will be your loan. If you take out a Pag-Ibig loan or a bank loan. 20% equity is 400K.

Because it’s already RFO the developers would want you to pay the 400K within 1-12 months. If you divide 400k by 1 year it’s equal to 33K per month. After that you get to pay your loan.

Advantages & Disadvantages for Pre-selling units


  • Pre-selling is the BEST price you can get for a particular project. It’s the lowest price you can get.
  • Pre-selling units in real estate prices goes higher and higher. The longer you wait, the higher the price becomes. The earlier you buy a pre-selling unit the lowest price you can get.
  • Pre-selling units are 20-30% less than RFO units.
  • Pre-selling units have very flexible payment terms. You get to pay your down payment the 400k by 2 – 4 years.

For example you buy the same 2M townhouse and you get your pre-selling very early so you get the 4 year term.

Instead of paying the 33K for 1 year you get to pay 8K per month for 4 years.

The total is the same 400K but it’s a lot easier in the pocket.

If you’re earning 30K per month and you’re going to pay 8K for your future house and the rest is for your living expenses.

It’s a good deal.

  • One more advantage for pre-selling units is you get to choose your unit early because you’re one of the first buyer of that particular project you get to choose a PRIME location.For example you want a corner lot or you can go for a condo unit for the sea view, a house near the pool.

You have to choose the BEST units cause you’re buying pre-selling


  • Pre-selling units typically take 2-5 years to be completed
  • Sometimes there are some construction delays with the developers like bad weather and problems with the logistics.