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Soltana Nature Residences Embracing the Enchanting Atmosphere of Mother Nature

Soltana Nature Residences, the latest quality lifestyle condominium development by Taft Properties, escapes the suffocating grip of typical condo living by embracing the enchanting atmosphere of Mother Nature. Built at least 20 meters apart allowing you the space, security and privacy you more than be worthy of.

It can be said that condo living has lost its charm to most, especially in a fast-growing metropolis that is Cebu.

At home and at work, it has started to feel that being walled in by concrete, by the supposed magic of urban progress, is nothing short of uninspiring.

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Imagine Having 65% of the 5.6-Hectare Property Dedicated to Open Spaces

Breathe life with so much fun under the heat of the sun. The long wait is finally over. Now, you can take pleasure in the immense comfort of living at the same time enjoying the vibrant ambience of nature.

With Taft Properties’ continuous commitment to delivering eminent and dependable structures in Cebu, another reliable project has risen within the heart of Lapu-Lapu City – Soltana Nature Residences.

It is a 5.6 Hectares development with several 7-storey and 15-storey building situated in a very calm and strategic location, along Maximo V. Patalinghug Jr. Avenue, Lapu-Lapu City, just a few meters away from Gaisano Grand Mall of Mactan and a bridge away from the busy city centres of Cebu and Mandaue.

Among Soltana’s features is the open space that allows one to have leisurely walk in a 5,000-sq. meter orchard forest, nature ponds, themed gardens and a cosy gazebo. Imagine having 65% of the 5.6-hectare property dedicated to open spaces. A landscaped atrium at the ground floor of the building also allows fresh air in the hallways.

Because of its very accessible location, Soltana Nature Residences does really give you convenient access to different establishments and institutions in the city with no difficulty and less hassle.

You won’t just be able to catch your busy and hectic schedule but will also allow you to commune with nature.

Soltana Decided Not to Just Settle for Less but to Give You More and Beyond What You Deserve

Nowadays, every other development offers almost the same amenities; kiddie and lap pools, clubhouses, gymnasiums and fitness centres and jogging paths. More of a resort-style development, Soltana Nature Residences decided not to just settle for less but to give you more and beyond what you deserve.

With its commercial areas, to supply your basic and personal needs, Soltana Nature Residences is also proud to offer its various themed gardens: Scent Park, Vista Park, Wood Park, Water Park, Earth Park and Wind Park respectively. These themed gardens will give you the chance to explore and feel different atmospheric ambience you desire right in your community.

You’ll get the chance to relax and at the same time appreciate the true beauty of nature at its finest.

Another feature that would set Soltana Nature Residences aside from other development is its building features.

Next will be the Landscaped Atrium for abundant sunlight to penetrate through and Open-sided Corridor which will allow cross ventilation, giving you an unruffled and breezy feel.

Finally, is the Sky Garden feature of Soltana Nature Residences. Sky gardens on selected levels allow you to enjoy the breathtaking view of Cebu and the astonishing waters around the island.

The Best Thing to Look Forward To Owning and Living at Soltana Nature Residences

Whatever you ask for is for Soltana Nature Residences to provide you. Wanting to give you the home-feel you want, combined with modern condo-living indulgence, Soltana Nature Residences incorporated so much fun for you and your loved-ones. Owning and living at Soltana Nature Residences is definitely the best thing to look forward to.

The excitement and the feel that only Soltana Nature Residences can provide you are undoubtedly unquestionable because of its promising and exciting amenities no other place you can find of but only in Soltana Nature Residences. You will absolutely have so much fun while living under the heat of the sun.

Imagine a place wherein people live in a landscape specifically sculpted for them. Whether you decide to live on a hilltop or fronting a lagoon, the choice is yours to make.

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This Is Soltana, Where Your Luxury, Are the Ways You Choose to Live.

You look out your window and see calming lush forests. You stroll through your backyard and depending on your mood wander in an island forest, have picnic on secret gardens, or swim on a hilltop lagoon.

To create a distinct identity through marriage of engaging architecture, imaginative masterplan, evocative landscape which provide a sense of place and makes it a destination.

To maximise the full potential of a large integrated community and make each of the residents feel a seemingly boundless landscape of experiences and see beyond just the unit they own.

To create an environment that’s endearing and make spaces not only for sleeping but a place for living.

Treat yourself to an upgraded island life that combines the best of urban living with the superior rejuvenating qualities of nature. A timely addition to Mactan’s flourishing landscape, Soltana Nature Residences is an inviting retreat from a busy world.

Soltana Nature Residences has its very own commercial arcade, bringing fun and convenience closer to home.

Get These Unique Features Only at Soltana Nature Residences.

The Peaks – The 14-storey condominiums where units have highest vantage point, the best view of the sky and potentially the ocean horizon line. These units will also be surrounded by the pocket parks and the secret gardens.

The Hills – The 7-storey condominiums where units will have the best view of the Green Island and the Ground floor units will be perched directly beside the lagoon.

The Hilltop Infinity Pool – These are the feature infinity pools that are cantilevered from the top of the hills. This is where residents will experience swimming on top of a hill.

Sitting in an expanse of close to 6 hectares of land, a generous portion of which is devoted to verdant gardens foliage, this nature-inspired development is composed of several 7-storey and 15-storey buildings.

A sky garden in different building levels gives you spectacular views of the cityscape of Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu City and the blue waters beyond. Each level benefits from an open-sided corridor that allows for breezy ventilation and natural sunlight, while a landscape atrium at the ground floor exudes a relaxing feel.

Soltana Nature Residences Young Children Prefers to Be in a Natural Environment

According to Pam Leo, an instructor at the Academy for Coaching Parents, International, young children prefers to be in a natural environment.

“They want to be outdoors, in the fresh air and sunlight, barefoot and naked, surrounded by grass, trees, and flowers, hearing the birds and the wind, playing in water with sticks and rocks. If you ask most grade school children what is their favourite part of school, they say outdoor recess,” Leo wrote in her article posted on the Natural Child Organisation

She added that children eat and sleep better, and are happier if they are allowed to spend time outdoors where they can do what they want to do: run, jump, climb, swing, and play.

In contrast, Leo said children become cranky and disagreeable if they spend much of their time indoor, “breathing stale air, surrounded by synthetic fabrics, playing with plastic toys, eating foods that contain artificial coloring and preservatives.”

Call Marc Right Now! Globe: +63 995 4615 272 (Viber/Whatsapp) or Sun: +63 933 3127 364

Fresh Air, Natural Light, and Wonderful Views of the Island City and Beyond

At Soltana Nature Residences, the experience of nature is made seamless indoors and outdoors, dispelling images of tight spaces and cold concrete that condominiums have come to be associated with.

The Mactan condominium development is packed with features that maximise fresh air, natural light, and wonderful views of the island city and beyond.

Located in Mactan Island, Soltana Nature Residences will feature themed gardens, a lush orchard forest, a sky garden, a swimming pool, a multi-purpose hall, a basketball court and jogging lanes. Even the buildings are 20 meters apart, which is very seldom seen in other real estate developments.

For children, Soltana has a children’s pool and a children’s playground.

If you want to buy great quality Cebu condominium, Soltana Nature Residences is a perfect choice for you.

What more could you ask for? Reserve your unit right now!

Live With Trees, Commune With Nature at Soltana Nature Residences in Mactan

Do you know that having trees in a community will bring both health and economic benefits to its residents?

According to TreePeople, an environmental nonprofit organisation, trees shield people, especially children who spend more time outdoors, from the harmful ultraviolet rays and reduce exposure by 50%.

TreePeople, in its website , noted that studies have shown faster healing and less complications among patients who see trees outside their windows. “Even children with ADHD show fewer symptoms when they have access to nature. Exposure to trees and nature aids concentration by reducing mental fatigue,” says a brief on the benefits of trees.

Based on studies, more business is generated and property values increase as much as 15% if trees and landscaping are present in a business district, according to the TreePeople website.

If you want to enjoy the benefits from trees and commune with nature, then Soltana Nature Residences in Mactan Island is perfect for you. A mixed-use, mid-rise condominium development, Soltana Nature Residences is a project of Taft Properties, one of the best real estate developers in Cebu City.

Taft Property Venture Development Corporation Most Reliable Real Estate Developer in Cebu

Upon completion of the project, you will be living in an area where trees abound. More than half of the 5.6-hectare development is dedicated to open spaces that feature theme gardens and a lush forest.

A balanced lifestyle is what Taft Property Venture Development Corporation’s second high-rise project offers. The latest gem among the projects of Taft Properties, one of the most reliable real estate developer in Cebu, is a resort-inspired, master planned community in Mactan.

With the Soltana Nature Residences , one can enjoy the comforts of a home with the modern convenience of a condominium that has the amenities of a resort. Thus the name Soltana makes one think of sun-kissed beaches and the beauty of nature.

Call Marc Right Now! Globe: +63 995 4615 272 (Viber/Whatsapp) or Sun: +63 933 3127 364

Building Features of Soltana Nature Residences

  • 20-meter distance between buildings
  • Single loaded hallways
  • Landscaped Atrium
  • Fire Protection Units
  • Alarm and Public Address System
  • Strobe lights
  • Sprinkler System
  • Fire Hose Cabinets
  • With emergency lights
  • Smoke Detector Per Unit with addressable fire alarm system (able to identify where the origin of alarm is)
  • Sprinkler Heads per enclosure Common Area
  • Fire Stairs
  • Emergency Power – 100% Back-up
  • CCTV in common areas
  • Public Address System
  • 24/7 Security
  • Commercial Units at the Ground Floor
  • Telephone and Cable TV Provisions
  • Water Supply – Overhead Water Tank (Down feed System)
  • Sewage System – Central Sewage Treatment Plant (Modular STP)
  • Controlled Parking (Basement and Surface Parking)

Amenities of Soltana Nature Residences

  • Multi-experiential Pool
  • Lap Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Shower areas
  • Park with gazebo and trellis
  • Football (goal ring)
  • Kite flying
  • R.C. Games
  • Multi-purpose pool deck with alfresco dining
  • Open Field (Multi-purpose Park for sport activities / ball games)
  • Banquet Facilities
  • Jogging Path
  • Commercial Area
  • Orchard Forest
  • Themed Gardens
  • Roof Deck Amenity
  • Free-standing Clubhouse with Function Rooms
  • Multi-Purpose / Social Hall with spill-over area
  • Kiddie playground with play equipment

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