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Mandani Bay Cebu Condo Strategic Location & Extensive Water Frontage

Mandani Bay is a premium mixed-use development in Mandaue City, Cebu. It occupies a waterfront site of approximately 20 hectares with a prominent location between Mactan Island the home of Cebu International Airport and Cebu Business Park. The project will be developed in phases over more than 10 years.


Mandani Bay will be primarily residential with retail and office components that will combine to form a master-planned urban community. Key features of the project are its strategic location and extensive water frontage.

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Spectacular Landmark (600-Meter Water Frontage)

Phase One will comprise two blocks of approximately 1,200 condominium units.

In addition to typical studio to 3-bedroom units there will be a number of special units including loft units, garden duplexes, townhouses and penthouses. The project will also provide a range of leisure and recreational facilities as well as car parking. Phase One is located close to the Mactan channel and many units will feature breathtaking sea views.

A 600-meter water frontage is the highlight of this spectacular landmark. A Marina and Boardwalk underline the extensive water anterior to further set Mandani Bay apart from any other development in the country.

Within the property, the Green Promenade, a sprawling tree-lined avenue that cuts through the open grounds, lends a refreshing spirit to the environment and encourages an active lifestyle among residents.

This splendor is further played up by a vast complex of retail selections found across five multi-level podiums interconnected by footbridges. In every way, Mandani Bay will awaken, electrify, and inspire

No Other Property Comes Close to Mandani Bay

At the heart of Mandani Bay is the Green Promenade, a wide tree-lined avenue that cuts through the centre of the property, lending the environment a refreshing spirit that encourages an active lifestyle amongst residents. Mandani Bay has set the bar for a new era of development in the Philippines.

Running along the Mactan Channel, this premium township enjoys a stunning view of the coast and encompassing cityscape.

Impressive towers dedicated to residential and office use; and massive podium blocks for retail are the foremost components of this master-planned community.

These buildings are connected at the base by a streamlined system of exclusive parking spaces that weaves throughout the property, paving the way for residents to live efficiently while pursuing their passions.

Prime waterfront location

The property, stretched along the Mactan Channel, is near the airport, two major hospitals, the Cebu Business Park, and Asia Town IT Park.

Taft Properties & Hongkong Land New Benchmark for Residential Communities in Cebu

The new benchmark in seafront destinations

Mandani Bay will set a new standard for creating modern coastal hotspots and residential communities in Cebu.

An investment with huge potential

Expect Mandani Bay’s investment value to continually appreciate over the course of its development of more than 10 years.

Built by leading Asian property developers

This township will be built through the partnership of Hongkong Land and Taft Properties, along with Asia’s top consultants in property development.

The project is expected to leverage the combination of Taft’s intimate knowledge of the Cebu market with Hongkong Land’s international experience to provide a new benchmark for residential communities in Cebu.

Call Marc Right Now! Globe: +63 995 4615 272 (Viber/Whatsapp) or Sun: +63 933 3127 364

Features of Mandani Bay Condo

Waterfront and Boardwalk
A 600-meter water frontage that provides a stunning view of the coast and surrounding skyline, the Waterfront and Boardwalk emphasize Mandani Bay’s extensive water anterior and serves as the highlight of this spectacular landmark.

Green Promenade
At 40 meters wide and 350 meters long, this extensive tree-lined avenue cuts through the property, lending a grounded and refreshing spirit to the environment and encouraging an active lifestyle among residents.

Shop big brands on an intimate scale in High Street. Visit the Art and Cultural Districts for an unending supply of local and international art and entertainment to take in and experience. If you’re up for a gastronomic delight, head down to Food Street. Find what electrifies you in this complete lifestyle destination.

Main Boulevard
This 30-meter walkway is located next to Mandani Bay Suites. Continuing Ocean View Avenue and running alongside the gorgeous Waterfront, the Main Boulevard allows for an encircling view of the seaside and the cityscape beyond.

Interconnecting the tower podiums throughout the property, footbridges provide for easy and convenient conveyance from one point to another.

The Story of Mandani

Arriving in Cebu in the 1500s with Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, Antonio Pigafetta, a Venetian scholar, writes in his book, “First Voyage Around the World”, of a chieftain named Apo Noan from a settlement called ‘Mandani’, known today as Mandaue.

Inspired by this rich chapter of Cebu’s history, Mandaue’s premier modern community embraces its storied past as it looks to the future.

The Logo
Just as a ripple spreads out when a droplet hits the water’s surface, Mandani Bay lays out a new era in property development in Cebu.

The ripples of the logo are symbolic of this new story for Cebu and also form the number eight, which is associated with unity, fortune, and wealth in many Asian cultures.

That’s best part?

Each of the individual ripples stands for a passion: culture, adventure, creativity, and water.

These are the passions that inspire Mandani Bay, a community built around enabling its residents to pursue their passions to the full.

Mandani Bay Condo The Four Passions at the Heart of Mandani Bay

Passion for Culture
Cebu’s pulsating culture, where past meets present and future, has made the Queen City of the South one of the world’s thriving destinations. At Mandani Bay, a passion for culture melds history and heritage with a modern and vibrant community that nurtures the soul.

Passion for Adventure
Bike around, climb walls, or conquer the water – whatever your spirit desires, live your passion for adventure in this neighborhood that lets you do just about anything exhilarating. Mandani Bay’s spirited environment is filled with avenues bursting with new experiences waiting to be discovered every day.

Passion for Creativity
From its sparkling design scene, to its homegrown world-class masterpieces, Cebu has grown and leveraged its people’s creativity more than any other region in the country. The same spirit inspires imagination, creation, and innovation at Mandani Bay, where one can unleash a passion for creativity without boundaries.

Passion for Water
Water, the essential element of life and one of the Philippines’ richest resources, encompasses the awe-inspiring setting of Mandani Bay. Opportunities for living a large overflow in the sea-inspired community, where a 500-meter Waterfront and Boardwalk underline a splendid lifestyle that cannot be found anywhere else.

Call Marc Right Now! Globe: +63 995 4615 272 (Viber/Whatsapp) or Sun: +63 933 3127 364

Signature Community in Cebu

Mandani Bay has been carefully mapped out to ensure that each phase of development complements the others.

At the center, a large green strip provides a lushly landscaped focal point for the development. Residential, office, retail, and recreational spaces have all been sensitively laid out. This master-planned urban community from partners Hongkong Land and Taft Properties changes the way we look at mixed-use developments today

This master-planned urban community from partners Hongkong Land and Taft Properties changes the way we look at mixed-use developments today.

Built around a lifestyle of connectivity, this premium mixed-use community hosts a series of expansive podium blocks interconnected by footbridges. Residential towers rise from each of the podiums’ amenity roof decks, whilst street front retail thrives along the wide boulevards.

At the base, the buildings are also connected by a system of exclusive parking spaces weaving throughout the property. For strolling aboveground or driving and parking underground, Mandani Bay provides complete convenience, allowing time for loftier pursuits.

A 600-meter water frontage defines this lifestyle destination, where the Boardwalk is always nearby to enable relaxation or an evening walk amidst a spectacular view of the Mactan Channel.

Healthy Growth of the Cebu Residential Property

On the east of Mandani Bay, a scenic stretch of wharfs rolls out onto a broad view of the Osmeña Bridge and the urban scenery beyond. To the west, the development will have easy access to Cebu Business Park and Cebu City.

Fronting Mandani Bay, a grand harbor provides a stunning view of the coast and surrounding skyline.

The waterfront lifestyle at Mandani Bay begins at Mandani Bay Suites, the property’s first residential enclave. Two towers are situated on a large podium that houses recreational amenities, community support facilities, and car parks. Mandani Bay Suites features studio to three-bedroom units, and a number of individually designed special units including townhouses, lofts, penthouses, and garden units. Aptly named for its luxurious fusion of convenience and exclusivity, this landmark gleams with a modern yet timeless exterior. Whether your passion is for adventure, culture, creativity, or water, live it at the Mandani Bay Suites.

Hongkong Land has strong confidence in the future of Cebu and the Philippines and we believe this project will contribute positively to the city.” Mr. Jack Gaisano, Chairman of Taft Properties, said, “The key attractions of this master-planned project are its unique design features, the site’s strategic location and its extensive water frontage. The project will also be built around several distinctive characteristics aimed at creating an attractive community in line with international standards.”

Amenities of Mandani Bay

  • Feature Pavilion
  • 25-meter Lap Pool
  • Pool Terrace
  • Aqua Deck
  • Fountain
  • Barbecue Pit
  • Outdoor Lounge
  • Outdoor Showers
  • Kids’ Pool
  • Water Feature
  • Clubhouse
  • Outdoor Reading Garden
  • Outdoor Fitness Facilities
  • Playground
  • Yoga Deck
  • Tower 1 Lift Lobby
  • Tower 2 Lift Lobby
  • Gym

Common Areas and Features of Mandani Bay

  • Reception Area
  • Lounge Area
  • Common M/F Restroom
  • Mail Room
  • Property Management Office
  • Central Garbage Collection Area
  • Naturally Ventilated Corridors
  • Provision for Garbage Collection on Every Floor
  • 4 Cars per Tower
  • 3 for Passengers, 1 for Passengers/Service
  • CCTV
  • Ground Floor Lobby
  • Lift Cars
  • Amenities Area
  • Parking Entrance
  • Retail Area Perimeter
  • Card System Entry
  • Separate Access for Residential and Commercial Parking

Fittings & Finishes of Mandani Bay

  • Living/Dining Area
  • Flooring (Homogeneous Tiles)
  • Kitchen
  • Flooring (Homogeneous Tiles)
  • Cabinet (Laminated MDF or equivalent)
  • Countertop (Solid Surface or equivalent)
  • Bedroom
  • Flooring (Laminated flooring or equivalent)
  • Closet (Laminated MDF or equivalent)
  • Toilet & Bath
  • Flooring (Ceramic Tiles)
  • Wall (Ceramic Tiles)
  • Maid’s Room/Utility Area (Ceramic Tiles)
  • Walls & Ceiling (Painted)
  • Heat Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Fire Sprinkler
  • Audio Guest Annunciator
  • Telephone Lines
  • CATV Outlet
  • Provision for Water Heater*
  • Provision for Split-Type A/C*
  • Provision for Washer/Dryer*

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Mandani Bay Condo is near


  • Boardwalk Plaza – 0.57 km
  • Park Mall Entrance – 0.60 km
  • Hilot Healing Spa – 0.63 km
  • ParkMall – 0.71 km
  • Gardin Del Sole – 0.82 km


  • Cebu Doctors University – 0.55 km
  • University of Visayas Mandaue – 1.07 km
  • Ikthus Main – 1.18 km
  • Saint Paul College Foundation Inc. – 1.56 km
  • Lapu Lapu Central Elementary School – 1.59 km


  • Pritong Manok CDU – 0.52 km
  • Jovens Grill – 0.63 km
  • Joven Restaurant Manila FoodShop – 0.63 km
  • Tandoori – 0.75 km
  • Sachi Authentic Japanese – 0.77 km


  • UCMed – 0.64 km
  • Mandaue Hospital – 0.66 km
  • UC Med – 0.74 km
  • Chong Hua Heart Cancer Hospital – 0.79 km
  • Chong Hua Cancer Center Mandaue – 0.81 km

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