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J Tower Residences Mandaue A New 40 Storey Luxurious Condominium

J Tower Residences – A new 40 storey luxurious condominium residential tower to rise in Mandaue City with Direct Access JCentre Mall.

To be developed by the owner of J Mall, Mr. Justin Uy, He is also the owner of JPark Island Resort And Waterpark.

An iconic landmark in vertical development is about to unfold bringing exceptional standards in leisure living, lifestyle, shopping, and an exciting community where proximity is a privilege.

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A Condo With FREE Access to Sky Waterpark, SM Supermarket 2 Cinemas, 4 Resto Bars, 400 Shops of a Major Mall and MORE!

A towering surprise awaits you.

  • A New residential tower to rise at the heart of Mandaue City With Direct Access JCentre Mall.
  • A Condo packed with Unlimited Amenities with Access to Sky Waterpark, SM Supermarket, 4 resto bars, 400 shops of a major mall and many more!!!
  • Along the road and has the access to all types of Transportation
  • Developed by Mr. Justin Uy. The Owner of J Centre Mall and J Park

Choosing Your Next Homes Location Is More Important Than Ever.

Time is the most valuable commodity in our life.

The J Tower Residences is all about requiring less time to commute by being close proximity and being connected with all amenities that J Centre Mall can offer such as grocery, restaurants, shopping, gold’s gym, sky waterpark and all essential government services.

As you all know Mandaue is the center of the entire Cebu province, You cannot go North, South, East or West of Cebu without passing through Mandaue.

Pre selling condo right at J CENTRE MALL. Own and Developed by Mr. Justin Uy, the owner of JPark Island Resort And Waterpark and J Centre Mall.

Our New Millennial Generation Aims to Choose Not Only a Place We Call Home but Also What We Believe Will Be Our Best Investment.

Now even with the increase demand of modern day life residents of J Tower and now have the key foundation with which to spend less time on the road and more time with their families, gone are the days where we measure success only by the size of our homes instead our new millennial generation aims to choose not only a place we call home but also what we believe will be our best investment.

It is common knowledge that condominiums are spreading up everywhere but few will match J Tower Residences potentially in terms of continued asset value growth.

J Tower Residences will not be just another condominium but an iconic landmark where all units will have their own unique unobstructed view to the landscape around it. The first in Mandaue where we truly believe where friends will grow, families will bond, communities will flourish, and living will continue to be a lifestyle.

Call Marc Right Now! Globe: +63 995 4615 272 (Viber/Whatsapp) or Sun: +63 933 3127 364

Affordable, Leisure, Living, Shopping in an Exciting Community Were Proximity Is a Privilege

Heading into 2018 the EverJust Realty Development Corporation have established the JIPROP Development Corporation it’s a real estate development arm which will serve our community by developing J Tower Residences, the newest integrated residential condominium EverJust have developed malls, hotels, and now signals the development of housing.

Recently we have seen a lot of condominium residences that are being constructed in the Philippines and within Cebu City but we chose to be the heart of Mandaue the soul of Cebu.

This is the place where we have selected to unveil Mandaue’s Marvel, this is an iconic landmark in vertical development with exceptional in standards in an affordable, leisure, living, shopping in an exciting community were proximity is a privilege.

J Tower Residences Is All About Requiring Less Time to Commute by Being in Close Proximity

Time is now the most valuable commodity in our life and it is more important than ever so choosing your next home should have all the convenience and features that are necessary to maintain a lifestyle if we think today’s modern day base.

The J Tower Residences is all about requiring less time to commute by being in close proximity and being connected with all the amenities that the mall can offer such as groceries, restaurants, shoppings, Gold’s Gym, Sky Water Park on the sixth floor and all the essential government services.

Now you can even have your license renewed here so you don’t have to go far away 15 minutes to the airport, 15 minutes to Cebu City shopping areas, 15 minutes to all the universities, we are right at the center of Cebu.

J Tower Residences Mandaue There Is No Building in the City of Mandaue That Will Approach the Height and the Grandeur of J Tower

J Tower Residences will stand behind the Sky Waterpark. There will be a bridge connecting this two buildings together so you will have easy access to Sky Waterpark Cebu.

There is no building in the City of Mandaue that will approach the height and the grandeur of J Tower we’re sure that in the years to come we will use J Tower as a reference point. We will use J Tower pointed out as a uniquely Mandauehanon landmark.

With the facilities of J Tower, J Mall and Sky Waterpark I’m sure many families, many friends are going to be able to congregate and have a wonderful time.

Call Marc Right Now! Globe: +63 995 4615 272 (Viber/Whatsapp) or Sun: +63 933 3127 364

Amenities, Building Features and Highlights of J Tower

  • Amenities
  • Infinity Pool
  • Zen Garden
  • Garden Fitness
  • Jogging Path
  • Covered Clubhouse
  • Retail Podium
  • Project Highlights
  • Gold’s Gym
  • Sky Water Park
  • Access to J Center Mall
  • Access to Sugbo Kalye
  • Savemore
  • Building Features
  • 8 High Speed Passenger
  • Elevators
  • 1 Speed Service Elevator
  • 100% Back-Up Power
  • Automatic Transfer System (ATS)
  • Wifi
  • 24 Hrs Security Features
  • Fire Protection Features
  • Fire Detection & Alarm System (FDAS)
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Proper Management

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