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Astra Centre Cebu A New Development by Cebu Landmasters Inc.

Astra Centre: Mandaue Condominium soon to rise in front of Oakridge Business Park, A.S. Fortuna St. a bustling business and residential corridor located in Mandaue City, Cebu. CLI intends to develop this 9,989sqm property with its partners as a boutique mall with a residential, office & commercial components (2018).

Tower 1: 200 Bedroom Hotel and Residential Studios and Condos for sale

Tower 2: BPO Commercial Space

Ground Floor Area Retail Outlets

Call Marc Right Now! Globe: +63 995 4615 272 (Viber/Whatsapp) or Sun: +63 933 3127 364

Offering Impressive Amenities and Conveniences in an Address We All Aspire to Have

We married a premium location to a perfectly designed building that offers the best mountains and sea views of Cebu.

All of you I’m sure know A.S. Fortuna right? When you talk about A.S. Fortuna don’t you say A.S. Fortuna is where Oakbridge is right? or A.S. Fortuna is where J Centre is. Let’s change that now A.S. Fortuna is where Astra Centre is.

Astra Centre is going to stand out in this beautiful city that combines Mandaue and Cebu. When we talk about astounding designs, this design is going to be the benchmark of all developers.

At CLI we pride ourselves at selecting and providing Filipinos and visitors everywhere with world class projects offering impressive amenities and conveniences in an address we all aspire to have.

This is the latest addition to CLI’s growing mixed-use portfolio which also includes the Base Line Center in Cebu38 Park Avenue in Cebu IT Park, and Casa Mira in Guadalupe.

At Astra We Want to Be Able to Have Our Buyers Maximize Use and Potential of the Project

Astra Centre has unique global features which include a multi deck, bold canopy, punched windows and articulated glass all reflecting it’s modern and upscale design.

We employ another project of Callison RTKL but this time instead of IDEA where Callison RTKL partnered with RMDA for 38 Park. Now Callison RTKL has partnered with RMDA. One of the top design consultants in the Philippines based in Manila. Basically that is what Astra Centre is going to look like.

It’s not all about design aesthetics. It’s not only about creating an impressive building. It’s also about the lifestyle that we wish to offer our unit owners.

It’s Not All About Design Aesthetics. It’s Also About the Lifestyle That We Wish to Offer Our Unit Owners.

It is a stack of mixed-used components. We have our residential (blue), hotel (orange), commercial space (yellow), and our office (green).

Your residential units are located in 15th floors beginning from the 14th to 28th floor.

It’s not all about design aesthetics. It’s not only about creating an impressive building. It’s also about the lifestyle that we wish to offer our unit owners.

At Astra we want to be able to have our buyers maximize use and potential of the project because we want to offer conveniences that offer a lot of functionality and definitely will make life easy to them.

Call Marc Right Now! Globe: +63 995 4615 272 (Viber/Whatsapp) or Sun: +63 933 3127 364

We Deliver All of Our Units Finished so All Your Buyers and Prospects Need to Do Is to Furnished It Themselves.

Basically the One Astra Place will begin on the 14th floor. All floors from the 14th – 28th are typical in layout except that the 14th floor is less by 2 units because this is where we find our mechanical room. You will find 31 units on the 14th floor because we took out 2 studios for mechanical rooms. Per floor you only have four 1 bedroom units. All the rest are studios different in sizes. Do not be confuse later on when your going to see the pricelist that provided to you. There are studios a little bit expensive than others because of the sizes, we offer same studios different sizes.

We move on the the 15th to the 28th as I mention these are the 2 rooms that we took out of the 14th floor. Typical floor layout from the 15th to 28th will contain 33 rooms as in the 14th floor there are just four 1 bedroom units.
Basically from the 14th to 28th floor is your residential building and the hotel below.

Innovative and Constantly Evolving Designs a Mix of Conventional as Well as Modern with Practical Uses

All units come with painted walls, partitions and ceilings, toilet and bath with fixtures, kitchen sink with countertop, overhead and base cabinets. We have our fire detection and suppression system, Provision for kitchen exhaust, Provision for split type air conditioning.

Take note Split Type for 1 bedroom units only. For studio units window type. If your buyers will ask there are studios with balconies. These are the studios on the corner can be consider as split type air conditioning for studios with balconies the answer is yes. Why? Because we have a place to put the condensing unit.

With a very class price in the Cebu skyline we would like to take part that and compliment our developers. I’m sure they offer beautiful projects as well. With designs that are innovative and constantly evolving. A mix of conventional as well as modern with practical uses.

Cebu Landmasters Inc. Provides Projects Across the Economic Spectrum

We start of with a lifestyle mall. Our lifestyle mall is going to be located in 2 levels. This is Astra Centre, our residential component or One Astra Place is going to be located on 15th floor with a total of 478 studio and 1 bedroom units only (all units are combinable)

We have our office building which is Astra Corporate Centre to be located on 15th floor as well but Astra building is going to be Phase 2 of the project. Currently what we are pushing in the market is the residential building.

We’re going to have a hotel, if I give you the name of the hotel I’m sure you heard it already it’s really something to look forward to. This is going to be the home of a future international brand hote.

Call Marc Right Now! Globe: +63 995 4615 272 (Viber/Whatsapp) or Sun: +63 933 3127 364

A.S. Fortuna This Is Now Going to Be the Home of Astra Centre or One Astra Place.

All of you are familiar with this. When you talk about A.S. Fortuna you definitely know that this is the road that combines Cebu to Mandaue. It’s a main thoroughfare, a restaurant alley that offers different kinds of cuisine and it also offers a lot of places that people frequently visit.

Now when you talk about A.S. Fortuna this is now going to be the home of Astra Centre or One Astra Place.

Let’s talk about One Astra Place, Building Features – It has a separate and independent lobby because our hotel will have a lobby of its own as well. 4 elevators, 1.5 meter wide corridors like I mentioned earlier all units are combinable to provide unit owners the luxury of expanding their living spaces.

We have a garbage room per floor with a collection system to be designed depending on the requirements of the units owners. We have 100% Backup power. 24/7 CCTV Security System and the services of the CLI or CLI Property Management Group.

You Not Only Get a World Class Project. You Also Get a Very Affordable Equity Payment.

Our amenities include the infinity pool, kiddie pool, function rooms, gym, alfresco area with a rooftop or skydeck. Your not only limited to entertainment in the commercial area. You have your gym, you have your skydeck that gives you the best views of Cebu.

You not only get a world class project. You not only get a supermarket and retail areas. You also get a very affordable equity payment. Because it’s not only about the design. It’s not only about the lifestyle. It’s also about what comes out of the pocket.

At the end of the day we always try to figure out a way to make it affordable for you.

We wish to develop a balanced lifestyle where unit owners can definitely live a full life. Find inspiration to work so we can thrive as an individual or with his family.

Like all projects we push ourselves and try to improve on our commitments and deliverables offering not only the needs but the wants of our buyers. Who says that luxurious living need to be expensive.

Astra Centre Mandaue Right to Priority Form (Get Listed Right Now!!)

Astra Centre is accepting Right to Priority from its valued buyers. Get listed now! Fill up the form below and keep your lines open for a call from one of our representatives.

For inquiries call Angie at 0916 3999 529 or email [email protected]

Amenities, Building Features and Highlights of Astra Centre

  • Building Features:
  • Separate & independent lobby
  • 4 Elevators
  • 1.5m min. corridor width
  • All units are combinable
  • Garbage holding room per Floor
  • 100% Back-up power
  • 24/7 CCTV security system
  • CLI Property Management Service
  • Full Range Amenities
  • Infinity Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Function Rooms
  • Gym
  • Al Fresco Area
  • Rooftop Lounge/Sky Deck
  • Unit Features:
  • Painted walls, partitions & ceilings
  • Tiled Dwelling areas
  • Tiled Toilet & bath with complete bathroom fixtures
  • Kitchen sink with counter top
  • Kitchen based and overhead cabinets
  • Installed fire detection & Suppression system
  • Provision for split-type air condition system for 1BR only; window-type for studio units
  • Provision for cable internet & telephone
  • Provision for water heater

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