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The Easy Way of
Owning Your Dream Home

I created in order to give hard working Filipinos the easy way of owning their dream home.

Buying a property does not have to be hard.

All you have to do is contact me so we can discuss the details of your dream home. We’ll talk about your budget, target location or what type of property you want.

We will give you expert advice and suggest which properties are right for you.

If you love the house, then I will help you with the reservation and processing until the house is yours. If you don’t like it, then I’ll help you find the next one.

And Did I Mention
Our Services Are Free?

Yes you heard me, Free, completely free. Forever! All the consultation, expert advice, site tours, processing and loan assistance is Free.

We do not charge you any money for our services. We charge the developers. wink* So you don’t have to spend a single peso. Whether you are a government worker, corporate employee, businessman, OFW, or an investor, I want you to feel safe with me. That’s why we have partnered with Filipino Homes, the largest comprehensive real estate portal in the Philippines.

With these 2 companies working hand-in-hand you have ability to choose and buy a property from any major developer in the country. With extensive listings and expert property advice, you can’t go wrong with and Filipino Homes.

Real Estate for Sale in Mactan Lapu Lapu Cebu

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Marc Godornes & Angie Keys-Godornes
Property Endorsement Managers

 Globe: +63 995 4615 272 (Viber/Whatsapp)
 Sun: +63 933 3127 364
 Email: [email protected]

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